Vasham is a social enterprise that leverages a closed loop business model to provide Indonesian smallholder farmers with the financing, expertise, and income security they need to achieve significantly better standards of living

The structure of the value chain creates opportunities to partner with established aggregators to reduce the risk of and increase the value created by serving poor micro producers.


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Will it deliver greater social impact?

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Does it impact self-sustainability i.e. does it require financial resources or does it create financial resources?

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Is it possible to scale once we serve 200,000 farmers?

As a financial services company, self-sustainability and demonstrated profits are paramount to our ability to secure debt financing from commercial banks. From day one we have maintained a laser-sharp focus on maximizing efficiency. A maxim frequently heard within Vasham is “every dollar we spend is a dollar that can go into the farmer’s hands”. This disciplined, enterprise mentality guides us to prioritize the needs from the wants.

Our goal of serving 200,000 smallholder farmers by 2018 is simply a stepping stone to our greater ambition of helping 1,000,0000 smallholder farmers by 2023. We believe these targets to be feasible, requiring a solid foundation of people and processes to support the massive growth. This is where Vasham is today. We are fine-tuning the model, creating the IT infrastructure, and developing our training curriculums to produce more and more, inspiring Vashamers to lead the growth of the organization. We are building the foundation for a monument of change dedicated to the 18 million Indonesian smallholder farmers living below the poverty line.